The 1908 Stettler School / Courthouse transforms into terror in October. A group of volunteers, choose a theme, decorate (change) the building into a fun filled event ‘Night of Terror’! Yes there is screaming plus more, and that is not from the volunteers. This dedicated group can put in 1000s of hours to create a change in the building so complete, that regular staff do not recognize the building. Thank you to those volunteers and of course Thank you for allowing us the pleasure to hear your SCREAMMMM, it makes it all worth while.


                   We are looking for you….




A half kilometer loop of festive lighting and displays! Enjoy by riding a wagon, walking or in the warmth and comfort of your vehicle during this festive season!
Gingerbread House Competition – while onsite please stop at the Main Building to Vote for your favorite Gingerbread House.

2020 Schedule
5:30 pm to 9 pm on dates below
December 4 – Bake sale, Horse hay wagon and more
December 5 – Horse hay wagon
December 11/12 – Antique Tractor hay wagon
December 18 to December 23 – Antique Tractor hay wagon
December 24

Dates / Times Subject to change due to technical difficulties or weather.
Cash Donations appreciated! All cash proceeds to the Stettler Town and Country Museum!
Food Bank gratefully accepted.




Summer Staff Employment

Are you a student in school and returning to school in the fall?
Do you like history? Tourism?
Send in your resume before mid-April, we annually look for 3 summer staff students, work starts in May and continues through to mid to late August.
Email: info@stettlermuseum.com or drop off on weekdays 10 am to 3 pm – 6502 44 Avenue, Stettler


JUNE 5, 2021 (2020 cancelled due to COVID-19)



Free admission to the Museum with breakfast.
Market 9 am to 1 pm – Home made, home grown, home based and mini garage sale items


JULY 1, 2021 (2020 cancelled due to COVID-19)